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    Xenia, Ohio, is centrally located in the “transportation triangle” formed by three major interstate highways I-70, I-71, and I-75. These north-south, east-west arteries are within minutes of Xenia via U.S. 35, U.S. 42, and U.S. 68, tying the community to one of the nation’s largest 90-minute highway markets.

    Because transportation and healthy economies go hand-in-hand, the convenient and accessible movement of people and products is a major asset for Xenia. Its location within the nation’s largest 90-minute air travel market, with access to nearby Dayton International Airport, reaches over two-thirds of the nation’s population and businesses. Companies using corporate aircraft will also enjoy the added convenience of the Greene County – Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport just west of Xenia.

    Xenia’s location offers easy access to the cultural amenities of three major metropolitan areas while retaining the traditions and atmosphere of a small Midwestern town.

    Rich in traditional values, Xenia blends the preservation of its heritage with a progressive attitude. With a population over 25,000, Xenia is friendly, people/family oriented, and known for its hospitality. As the county seat, the city is strategically located between Greene County’s suburbanized western half and the rural areas to the east.

    A non-partisan seven-member council is the legislative authority. Day-to-day administration is in the hands of three appointed officials – the City Manager, the Finance Director, and the Law Director.

    The City provides residents with the full range of municipal services including water, sewerage, refuse collection, parks and recreation, police, fire, and emergency medical services. Xenia’s safety divisions have earned a reputation for excellence in both planning and operations. The Police Division has received International Accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The efforts of the Fire Division and the Water Department have earned the City a Class 4 fire insurance rating, which results in lower insurance premiums for residents, businesses, and industry.

    The Dayton Power & Light Company, an investor-owned utility, provides electricity to the area; Vectren provides natural gas; SBC/Ameritech provides telephone and telecommunication systems; and Time Warner Cable provides cable television service.

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